Experience and quality in the water engineering sector

At first, it stood out for the detection of water leaks and hydraulic efficiency. Since then, the offer has been extended to the entire field of hydraulic engineering, both in consultancy and in the provision of services, covering fields such as leak location, network diagnostics, network inventory for GIS, the preparation of master plans and technical advice.

Quality has been a constant in all of our company’s management plans, even long before its certification under ISO 9002 in 2000. Today, our commitment to quality is certified according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.

Among the clients who place their trust in DETECTAR S.A. are important municipal water companies throughout Spain and abroad, public companies and private companies. Some services such as leak detection are provided to individuals and homes as a complement to the offer.

Currently, we have a team of great human and professional quality formed by technical engineers, graduates and technicians with great experience in cabinet and field work, which is the greatest asset of our company.

In the development of our production activity, the most advanced technical means are incorporated, combining the experience of the old with innovation and the latest technologies. The result is the continuous improvement of methods and processes.

Our company is committed to the incorporation of new information and communication technologies in innovative projects in the field of leak detection. These are new responses to new challenges for better use of water and improved quality of supply.

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